2019 is the year of the pig. 

According to Chinese Astrologists, this will be a high-energy fire year, as a comparison to the calm of 2018.

Lucky colours for this year are: bright red and bright orange. 

Carinya Strings are looking forward to an exciting year of music at the most special weddings, functions and events.


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Choosing Music for Your Wedding Day 

Pachelbel's Canon is certainly still the most popular choice for walking down the aisle, with A Thousand Years being runner-up; ever since the Twilight Movies came to the big screen.

Vivaldi's Four Seasons feature widely in the wedding ceremonies

Bach's Air and Brandenburg Concertos are timeless classics

Most original choice for 2018: Jurassic Park, by the incredibly famous John Williams. This was chosen for the Recessional. 





These are a few of our favourite scenes 



The most stunning wedding colours for Summer



Winter weddings can be especially romantic. A cosy setting is always lovely, and different fashion choices can be explored to suit the cooler weather.

Carinya Strings have had the pleasure of performing at many winter weddings. Here are some photos:





Carinya Strings are noting a trend in favourites this year, especially for signing of the register. As couples are booking in their upcoming weddings, this is the music they are selecting:

Top Choice: Spring - Vivaldi. This is a bright, joyful and famous piece. Certainly a good one.

Second most popular: The Prayer - Foster. This beautiful song was made famous by Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban. A very romantic choice.

Third most popular: Over the Rainbow - Arlen. This piece is so well-known and evokes beautiful memories from the Wizard of Oz film.

What will you select for signing of the register? 

Consider whether you would like to go for the recent most popular choices, or would you like to choose something different?


As a couple are planning their wedding ceremony, there are so many aspects to consider; from the venue to the flowers to the dresses, the suits, the photographers …. and the list goes on and on.

It is interesting that many couples actually leave the music until last when they are booking in their services for their special day.


Yes, that’s right!  The music becomes the backdrop for bringing expression to your special day.

You can create a Formal/Regal style:  - Choose: Trumpet Tune- Purcell, Trumpet Voluntary - Clarke, Hornpipe - Handel, Bouree – Handel, Arrival of the Queen of Sheba - Handel

You can create a Romantic style:  - Choose: A Thousand Years – Perri, Pachelbel’s Canon, Air – Bach, Meditation – Massenet, Chanson D’Amour - Elgar

You can create a Reflective style: - Choose: Adagio from Christmas Concerto – Corelli, Romanza from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Mozart, Hallelujah – Cohen, Ascendit Deus – Gallus, The Prayer - Foster

You can create an Uplifting/Feelgood style: - Choose: Thinking out Loud – Ed Sheeran,  Don’t Stop Believing – Perry, New York New York- Sinatra, Everything I do - Adams

You can create an Energetic style: - Choose: Palladio – Jenkins, Tango - McLean, Soul Bossa Nova – Jones, Arrival of the Queen of Sheba - Handel

The music that is played at your wedding will become the soundtrack on your video, which you will keep to treasure forever.

Blog written by Katrina Papallo, November 2016.

What are the Top Five Music Choices for Walking Down the Aisle in 2016? Here at Carinya Strings, we have noted the most popular choices for this year so far. Here they are in order:

1 - Canon - Pachelbel
2 - A Thousand Years - Perri
3 - Trumpet Voluntary - Clarke
4 - Evergreen - Ed Sheeran
5 - Bridal Chorus - Wagner

Carinya Strings had a live performance at Sound Hub on the 15th March. Please click through to our Youtube Channel for a listen to our concert.

Will 2015 be an auspicious year for you? According to Chinese Astrology, 2015 is a yin year; one of peace, harmony and tranquility. What a great time to have celebrations! Now is a great time to contact us for any special occasion you may be organising or attending throughout the year.

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